2017 Purgatory Film Schedule

( Screenings are 5pm, 7pm and 9pm with bazzar open 1 hour prior )

“Collapsing” – Brian Ratigan (2016 New York 00:58)
An exquisite corpse made with found 8mm footage.

“Squame” – Nicolas Brault (2015 Canada 04:06)
The ephemeral animated desquamations, created with the help of sugar casts, evoke fragile landscapes in a world at the edge of abstraction.

“Those Drawn Alive” – Jukka-Pekka Jalovaara (2014 Finland 06:20)
Every autumn I get heavily moody. This is caused by the loss of the light.

“Artemis” – Heather D. Freeman (2016 North Carolina 03:40)
An (unfortunate) driver witnesses what happens to a stag’s spirit and body after it is struck by a car.

“Sparrow Duet” – Steve Socki (2015 Illinois 03:55)
Animated abstract shapes and gestures dance together in patterns suggesting ritualistic, bird-like action.

“It’s My Birthday” – Mike Frieseman (2016 Michigan 05:29)
Day in the life. A birthday story.

“Excising the Heart” – Samuel Karow (2015 Wisconsin 04:45)
This visual journey through one barn’s demolition offers a reflection on time, decay, and man’s ever-changing relationship to nature.

“Extrapolate” – Johan Rijpma (2016 Netherlands/Japan 02:00)
Beyond each boundary the extrapolation of movement causes deformation in a systematic but speculative way.

“Parachute” – Marissa Pruett (2016 Indiana 04:40)
A father goes to work on the morning of 9/11

“Stabilia” – Mariama Fatou Kalley Slåttøy & Sveinung Gjessing (2016 Norway 04:23)
She seems small and fragile, but then she opens her eyes.

===== Intermission =====

“Fear” – Mcr/Electric Otto (2012 Michigan 00:54)
Free roll of Toliet Paper [from the filmmaker] with the viewing of this Film.

“Damp Air” – Justin Thomas Squires (2017 Michigan 04:24)
A midnight stroll reveals a surreal perspective of the riverfront after the fog rolls in.

“Interlude” – Ashray Dravidian (2016 Michigan 16:00)
Using a mystical eye drop, storyteller David O’Moses bends time and space of his reality to attain a Hypnogogic state of mind.

“Insectarium” – Andreea Dobre (2016 Romania 02:35)
One day a man decides to keep track of every single emotion he experiences.

“Cuckold Picasso” – Lance Larson (2016 Texas 05:00)
It’s hard to fight an enemy that has outposts in your head.

“The Wind” – Jinyue Wan (2015 California 02:31)
A man brought a gift to visit his lover. However, love is not always sweet…

“Through the Pane” – Dawn Westlake (2015 California 06:21)
The filmmaker’s 87-year-old father shares reflections on life through panes of glass while facing the pain of losing his wife of 62 years.

“The Gift” – Steve Bastoni (2016 Australia 04:42)
A man on the edge of suicide finds divine intervention in a supermarket.

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7th Annual Purgatory Film Exhibition & Artist Bazaar
Sunday March 12 – Bazaar 4p-midnight, Showtimes 5p, 7p & 9p

Tangent Gallery/Hastings Ballroom, 715 E Milwaukee, Detroit

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